2016 Annual Survey

Survey Purpose
Each year, Clean Cities Coalitions nationwide administer surveys to collect information on the use of cleaner transportation options in order to document the growing use of alternative fuels, vehicles, and fuel saving technologies in their regions during the previous calendar year.

The Houston-Galveston Clean Cities Coalition collects data on fleets and activities within the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria region in order to fulfill the Coalition’s responsibility to track the number of fleets using alternative fuel vehicles so we can annually report the millions of gallons of gasoline that are displaced nationwide. This years survey can be found below, and the completed 2015 report can be found here.

Email cleancities@h-gac.com or call 713-499-6695.

Other Options to Complete the Survey:
Download the Excel spreadsheet. Upload your finished version here.
Fill out the survey over the phone by calling 713-499-6695.