New Option Low NOx Propane engine gains certification

ROUSH CleanTech has developed the first propane autogas engine available in class 4-7 vehicles and Blue Bird Type C buses certified to the optional low nitrogen oxide (NOx) level .05 g/bhp-hr. These new Environmental Protection Agency- and California Air Resources Board-certified propane engines are 75 percent cleaner than the current emissions standard.

“Roush CleanTech’s low NOx engine is a great step forward for the propane industry,” said Tucker Perkins, president of the Propane Education & Research Council.

Roush CleanTech said it has begun installing the new low NOx engines in Ford commercial vehicles and Blue Bird Vision propane school buses with model year 2017 engines.

“Developing the lowest NOx propane engine sends a message that this fuel is comparable to other alternative fuels from a standpoint of emissions,” said Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing for Roush CleanTech, which is based in Livonia, MI.

Roush said propane autogas costs about 40 percent less than gasoline and 50 percent than diesel.

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