2017 NGVAmerica Annual Meeting

September 26, 2017
World Congress Center

285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30313


Affiliated and Allied Association
NGV Global Endorsed Event

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Webinar: Economic Impacts of Deploying RNG in Low NOx Natural Gas Trucks

Friday, July 14 – 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. CST

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Join the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition and the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas for a complimentary webinar.

California is dealing with a challenge that is three-fold: reduce air quality pollutants, cut greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change, and reduce petroleum consumption. Heavy-duty diesel truck transportation is a major contributor to the issues that comprise this challenge.

Despite progress in addressing this challenge, more aggressive and immediately deployable strategies are required to achieve California’s overlapping clean air and climate change objectives. Replacing or converting heavy-duty diesel engines with low NOx natural gas engines, fueled by renewable natural gas (RNG) produced in California, is one of these strategies. The potential for the combination of low NOx trucks fueled by RNG presents a compelling economic opportunity, and represents one of the few opportunities to further develop a sustainable and robust alternative, ultra-low carbon transportation fuel industry in California.

The webinar speakers will address:

  • Basics of RNG feedstocks, production, and supply potential
  • Opportunities for low NOx natural gas truck deployment
  • Economic impacts of deploying low NOx natural gas trucks fueled by RNG produced in California
  • California RNG / NGV policy context

Speakers include:

  • Johannes Escudero, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas
  • Thomas Lawson, President, California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
  • Philip Sheehy, Technical Director, ICF

Clean-Cities: Johnson Space Center Featured on PBS Motor Week

Clean-Cities: Johnson Space Center was feature on PBS MotorWeek Success Stories.  Johnson Space Center has been using alternative feul and renewable energy in innovative ways.

Visitors can hop on a propane powered tram for a tour of the JSC campus facilities. Which includes two plug-in hybrid vehicled; a Ford C-MAX and Fusion. The center’s charging stations use power provided in part by this renewable energy system. It’s wind turbines and solar panels also help power a child care center.

“172 times, we’ve generated more power than what the building uses,” Jerry Rowlands said. “This is a grid connected system, so it just basically, the excess electricity goes out into the JSC grid.”

At JSC, EV science is also being harnessed for some “out of this world” work, such as a modular robotic vehicle. Electric motor driven vehicles have a number of advantages, such as reliability. There are fewer moving parts compared to other types of propulsion.

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