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Funding Opportunities for Vehicles & Refueling Infrastructure
If you have a question about an opportunity listed, please contact us at cleancities@hgac.
com. We are happy to work with you on projects and proposals. Follow the links below for more information about state and federal grant or incentive programs.

H-GAC Interactive Alternaative Fuels Finder

Interactive Alternaitve Fuels Finder

DOE Webinar Slides – July 24, 2017
Alternative Fuel Life-Cycle Environmental and Economic Transportation (AFLEET) Tool

H-GAC Grant and Loan Programs
H-GAC Clean Vehicles Program
Funding is available for new clean vehicles or equipment, conversions, and retrofits. Public and private entities and fleets in the HGAC 8-county region are eligible for Clean Vehicles Program grant funding for the deployment of vehicles and equipment that reduce emissions of harmful air pollutants.
Typical projects include:

  • Vehicle or equipment replacement
  • Engine repowers (new engine, same equipment)
  • Conversion of engines to alternative fuels
  • Installation of alternative fuel and anti-idling infrastructure
  • Vehicle or equipment retrofit

Learn more online at HGAC Clean Vehicles Program. Or, contact HGAC staff at for more information and application resources.

H-GAC Drayage Loan Program
The Drayage Loan Program enables eligible truck owners to finance the purchase of newer, cleaner, more environmentally-friendly trucks. This innovative program establishes a revolving loan fund that will enable a borrower to obtain a “bridge loan” equal to the difference between the actual cost of purchasing a newer truck and a truck grant like TCEQ Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP), the H-GAC Regional TERP, or the H-GAC Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program.

Qualifying applicants may receive loans between $5,000 and $150,000 for the difference between the cost of the vehicle and a grant. Learn more online at H-GAC Drayage Loan Program.

Funding Opportunities for Texas Fleets

TCEQ Texas Emission Reduction Plan (TERP)
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) TERP program provides grants to eligible individuals, business, and local governments to reduce emissions from polluting vehicles and equipment. Different TERP grants are open throughout the year, depending on available funds. Visit TCEQ TERP for more information.

Programs to be funded through 2015:

  • Texas Clean Fleet Program
  • Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program (TNGVGP)
  • Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants (ERIG) Program
  • Drayage Truck Incentive Program
  • Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program
  • Clean Transportation Triangle (CTT) Program (The Dallas, Houston, Austin/San Antonio triangle)
  • Alternative Fueling Facilities Program (AFFP)

The TCEQ TERP website is updated regularly with program announcements and updates.

Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP)
SEP funding is from State of Texas available for alternative fuel school buses. School districts can apply through:

  • Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) Clean Vehicles Program (a.k.a. Clean School Bus Program)
    If you are a school district located in the H-GAC SEP region, email today!
  • Railroad Commission of Texas
  • Texas Association of Resource Conservation and Development Areas, Inc.
  • Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers (Texas PTA)

Texas Emerging Technology Fund
Texas Emerging Technology Fund is from the State of Texas, for research, development, and commercialization of emerging technologies.

Propane Council of Texas Incentives Program
Propane fleet vehicles and lawn mowers may be eligible for non-profit Propane Council of Texas incentives.

Current Tax Credits & Incentives
Learn more about all current state and federal incentives at the DOE Alternative Fuels Data Center “Laws and Incentives” site.

All federal tax incentives, credits, and rebates are managed by the US Internal Revenue Service. The IRS Publication 510 covers all information related to fuel excise taxes, tax credits, and refunds.

Business Opportunities

Presenting to the Coalition
H-GAC staff recognizes that alternative fuel and advanced vehicle technology sector is a complex and dynamic landscape. To help keep all of our Coalition members updated on the latest information, we invite interested organization to speak at our stakeholder meetings and workships. For more information or to learn more, please contact

Requesting a Speaker/Program Materials
H-GAC staff would be happy to speak at your organization’s event and/or provide you with promotional materials to distribute about our programs. Previous topics addressed by staff include regional air quality, alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies, and funding opportunities for fleets. Requests for speakers and/or materials should be submitted to

Business Start-Up/Development
The Clean Cities and Clean Vehicles programs do not generally focus on business start-up and/or development support. However, we encourage those interested in pursuing these types of opportunities to explore the H-GAC Economic Development Program and H-GACBuy Cooperative Purchasing Program.

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